About - Ferrat Destine

Ferrat Destine has a penchant for writing articles that leave a mark. Over the years, he has written some amazing pieces for various organizations. He also has his own collection of poems published, titled as 'Sentimental Virus'. In 1999, he was appointed as the director of publication of Printemps Magazine before he proceeded to Trihum Magazine, and later Connexion Magazine.

His range of work differs and is quite fastinating. Ferrat had designed 'Qui etes-vous?' which helps in connecting students of different schools with various Haitian artists. One of his noted collaborations is with Ticket Magazine in 2007, a Haitian cultural newspaper and later in 2009 with Spotlight.

In 2008, Ferrat Destine published his first Haitian photo novel called Les Dessous inavoues. It was supported by Sogebank and the then Prime Minister. In 2009, before the earthquake, he had launched a program 'Haiti, un nouveau regard' on Haitian's National Television. It was a series that focused on socio-cultural exchanges with students from different universities in Haiti. Thanks to all his credible and fantastic work, he was appointed as the promoter of Haitian culture in 2009. Marie Laurence Jocelin Lassegue, the minister there had appointed Ferrat for such an incredible work.

Ferrat Destine has grown up in the Cul-de-sac Plain. Hence, nature plays a big role in his vision towards life and everything he does. He talked about getting inspired by nature. Apart from that, Ferrat finds inspiration from French poet and composer, Jean Ferrat. Jean was his father's idol and hence, his dad named him 'Ferrat' too.

Seeing a person's achievements like this, one wonders about their educational background. Ferrat Destine began his classical studies at St Louis de Gonzague, completing it at the Grand College L’Humanisme in 2004. After completing his studies in Haiti, he left for USA. In 2017, he graduated from Union County College in the USA. Currently, Ferrat runs his own blog. He aims to spread positivity and motivate everyone around him. On his blog, he shares everything that inspires and motivates him in life.